13 GORGEOUS Wooden Accent Walls

Nothing brings more character to a room than transforming an entire wall as an accent. Too often the walls in your home come in one standard monotonous shade of “cheaper by the truckload” white or some close hue.

While using paint to add a pop of color and some character may do for the average homeowner, that just won’t cut it for those of us who desire more.

Welcome to the wonderful world of wooden accent walls. This article is going to showcase 13 beautiful accent walls that will transform your space and give it a custom home feel in this cookie cutter world we live in.

There are three categories of accent walls that Barn Rat Studio offers our clients.

  • Pallet Wood

  • Barn Wood

  • Shiplap

All three have their distinct benefits, and all three have varying ways of being installed.

Pallet Wood Accent Walls

Pallet wood accent walls are created by removing the slats from shipping pallets and installing them on your walls. Though many designers and makers have different ways to install, Barn Rat Studio has found over the past 38 walls we have done a method that showcases the beauty of the product with execution that makes it long lasting and high quality.

We create pallet walls where the original character and unique qualities of the pallet wood are highlighted instead of covered up and removed.

  • We source only slats from CLEAN and HT stamped pallets in order to ensure the safety of our clients.

  • The way our supplier harvests the slats from the pallet, ensures the nail head stay in the boards so the final product does not have unsightly holes and voids.

  • We hand sand each slat to 120 grit to ensure no splinters or burs that a child, pet, or family member can hurt themselves on

  • If the client chooses to have the board stained, we go through an elaborate color consultation in order to ensure the wall will fit the existing decor and features of the space but still allow to see the beauty, characteristics, and uniqueness of the slats.

  • We do not use adhesives in the installation in order to allow for easy removal if needed, and also allow for repair or replacement of the wall without doing damage to the drywall behind it.

Barn Wood Accent Walls

Barn wood accent walls are exactly what they sound like. When we at Barn Rat Studio take the wood from a barn (usually siding), it goes through the following milling process to prep it for installation:

  • Cut/trim “dead ends” where rot or damage is present.

  • Remove any nails or metal inclusions in the wood

  • Rip (cut lengthwise) to give the boards a straight edge

  • Plane or sand the face of the board to remove any roughness or staining, but not enough for the wood to lose it’s characteristic markings.

This process can take several hours if not days depending on the size and scope of the project. This is why often, TRUE barn wood accent walls come at a significantly higher installation price to account for the labor and materials involved in the process.

Shiplap Accent Walls

Due to the popularity of the material by a certain designer out of Magnolia, Texas, shiplap is currently a high demand trend for wooden accent walls.

The term shiplap refers commonly to a pine board milled as siding that has a rabbet on opposite sides of each edge. This rabbet allows for the overlap of two boards and creates a  partial overlay creating a channel between boards that often results in a shadow line aesthetic. Shiplap is a great option in an exterior installation or in a space that is prone to temperature and humidity fluctuations that could cause board movement in the above mentioned options.

In the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area it is very difficult to find TRUE reclaimed shiplap as it was not a common material in the area in the early 1900s. Commonly, if our clients are looking for a shiplap wall, we can attempt to mill the barn wood with the necessary rabbets (VERY COSTLY) or commonly, we will buy the newer milled shiplap from local lumber and material suppliers and treat and finish the boards to the desired color pallet/aesthetic that the client wishes to achieve.

If you have any questions about any of these three wooden accent wall options, or would like Barn Rat Studio to perform a free design consultation in you home or business, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Till next time… see ya folks!