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Upcycled - Salvaged - Reclaimed

Barn Rat Studio


Who we are

a Barn Rat and a House Mouse

Nestled in the hills of southern Ohio, just north of the Ohio River lies our humble little studio. Run by the husband and wife team of Ryan (Barn Rat) and Kandace (House Mouse) Ridgley, we bring life to often discarded or long forgotten items. From accent walls, furniture, home decor, bar ware, games, and more, we can help add an industrial and rustic flair to your home or business.

Working with Reclaimed, Upcycled and Salvaged materials allows us to create unique and interesting pieces every time. No two barn boards are ever alike. No vintage license plate is going to look exactly like another. These items have a story, and we see it as our job to convey that narrative in the projects that we make. See the gallery below for just a small taste of the projects we have done for people.


Join the Barn Rat Pack to keep posted as to what is new in the studio, upcoming events, and where we will be hosting our next class.


Barn Rat Studio has proved to be honest, hardworking and fair when doing business with. And I plan to continue to do business with him.
— James Phillips
I’ve never had a problem in my many dealings with Ryan. In fact, that’s why I’ve had my many dealings and I plan on more in the future. If you need good stuff, made well and locally, support local folks like Barn Rat Studio. You just can’t do better.
— Joel Crawford
After seeing the state pallet art pieces of OH and KY that Barn Rat produced, I requested a custom piece with the state of AZ. It arrived packaged carefully, was promptly hung in my living room, and it’s perfect! It’s exactly what I hoped for, and was the perfect addition to my home. Highly recommend.
— Derek Strande
I ordered a notebook from Barn Rat Studio. I love notebooks, especially sturdy ones that I can take with me when I travel! I’ve had it a couple of weeks now, and it goes EVERYWHERE with me! Not only is it sturdy, the markers that I use never bleed through. It’s perfect! I love supporting small businesses, and Barn Rat will get my order every time from now on. Barn Rat for the win!!!
— RJ Redden


We stand behind EVERY project that we make. If you are not 100% satisfied, or the item stops doing what it is intended to do, we will do everything we can to make it right, even buy it back from you.


About Barn Rat and House Mouse

Ryan and Kandace Ridgley - Makers

We became makers when Kandace and I decided we wanted a few yard games (cornhole, ladder golf, and giant jenga) for our backyard wedding. By the time the night was through, we had three orders from wedding guests for yard games. Now, years later, we are running our shop full time creating interior and exterior furniture, yard games, accent walls, home decor, and other items made from upcycled, reclaimed, and salvaged materials.

When it comes to our build style, we liken it to bull riding, loud, dirty, and a little rough around the edges, but in the end, it is beautiful to look at.

We love working with reclaimed wood and other often discarded materials, we dig antiques and upcycling, and have outfitted our home with many furniture pieces, light fixtures, and wall art from just “messing around in the shop.

When not running the studio, we love hanging out with the Barn Rat Pack (our four dogs), going out and finding hidden gems in our community, and grabbing a greasy cheeseburger at our favorite hole in the wall.